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members of the band
martin obst
vocals, bass
björn schiemann
vocals, guitar
stefan leinauer
andreas pietzowski

about hörstreich

while you're probably still struggling with the pronunciation ['hœɐ̯ʃtʁaɪ̯ç] you might find yourself hit straight in the face by the first chord… what a beautiful noise!
straight-forward, nice and noisy. this is furious racket making at it's best! punk rock hasn't felt as fresh as this for a long time. for those who agree that toe tapping isn't quite enough these boys from augsburg, germany will blow your head off at no time.
hörstreich have been touring for over twenty years. with gigs all over germany and europe (gb, cz, fr) they have made noise in quite a few places and got people jumping a whole lot of times.
hold your breath and watch your body explode!


press comments

a bundle of energy with a voice like the cure's robert smith, the band, all clad in black …produced a blistering performance and an encore which got the crowd really jumping for the first time.


2015   legs without brains
2010   tinytension
2004   ['plein] edition
2004   el zoo
2003   löpönk
2002   smile to the music
2000   …nun zu was völlig anderem!
1997   voll rasse und dezenter eleganz

past shows

2023-07-29 dinkel festival, dinkelscherben 2023-07-28 sommer am kiez, augsburg 2023-07-15 bandlift festival, segelflieger-hangar, gerstetten 2023-05-20 festival svobody, kacanovy (cz) 2023-04-15 altogether festival, kapplerbräu klub, altomünster 2023-03-25 rockfest 2023, star house club, augsburg 2023-01-21 silberwald, ulm 2023-01-20 die scheune, sindelfingen 2022-11-04 late night konzert, bob's, oberhausen 2022-09-24 hudební léto ve voltu, pivovar volt, jablonec nad nisou (cz) 2022-05-28 open air, stadtfest, stadtbergen 2022-05-21 plan b irgendwie immer noch, die villa, augsburg 2022-04-29 late night konzert, bob's, oberhausen 2021-08-13 sak support betontod, open air, augsburg 2021-06-12 gaswerk sommer, gaswerk, augsburg 2020-05-19 club & kultur stream, bob's haunstetten, augsburg 2019-10-04 bob's maxstraße, augsburg 2019-09-28 open-air, friedberg-haberskirch 2019-07-06 sommer am kiez suport dritte wahl, oberhauser bahnhof, augsburg 2018-11-24 augsburg calling, bob's maxstraße, augsburg 2018-06-10 jamarkt open air, zelezny brod (cz) 2018-06-09 koza open air, turnov (cz) 2018-06-08 stara posta, jablonec nad nisou (cz) 2018-04-06 late night konzert, bob's, haunstetten 2017-10-14 flohdular, provino club, augsburg 2017-07-08 open air, bürgerhof, augsburg 2017-07-07 sommer am kiez support dritte wahl, oberhausen 2017-05-26 stadtfest, stadtbergen 2017-04-07 bob's, augsburg 2017-02-12 support yasi hofer, spektrum club, augsburg 2016-09-23 bob's, oberhausen 2016-07-07 open air, bürgerfest, augsburg 2016-06-26 17. vratislavicé, konrad brewery, liberec (cz) 2016-06-25 rockfest, tepere open air, jablonec (cz) 2016-06-24 pivence na zastavce, svetla nad sazavou (cz) 2016-06-18 100 jahre kriegshaber, kradhalle, augsburg 2016-04-22 bob's, oberhausen 2015-11-28 live und laut, schlachthauskeller, schongau 2015-11-07 jubiläumskonzert, kradhalle, augsburg 2015-02-13 bob's, oberhausen 2014-06-13 music club modrá vopice, praha (cz) 2014-06-07 grenzenlos festival, gaswerk, augsburg 2014-05-16 bob's, oberhausen 2014-02-22 yalla yalla festival, tiefenstollenhalle, peissenberg 2013-10-19 kuki open house, kulturpark west, augsburg 2013-07-05 sommerfest, bürgerhof, augsburg 2013-06-06 grenzenlos festival, gaswerk, augsburg 2012-12-28 flammensaal, kantine, augsburg 2012-10-13 city beatz, thing, augsburg 2012-08-03 lechwood festival, schloss scherneck, rehling 2012-07-13 amnesty international benefiz festival, römerhof, altenstadt 2012-06-22 sommerfest, bürgerhof, augsburg 2012-03-02 rock for tanzania festival, schlossberghalle, peiting 2011-12-10 weihnachtskonzert, stereoton, neusäß 2011-07-25 grenzenlos festival, gaswerk, augsburg 2011-03-26 halle 6, münchen 2010-07-02 kiss my rock festival, biesenthal 2010-05-14 city of rock, stadtfest, stadtbergen 2010-04-30 cd release party, kantine, augsburg 2010-03-19 amnesty international benefiz festival, bergwerk, peiting 2009-04-02 kantine, augsburg 2009-01-24 bar gaulouis, vichy (fr) 2009-01-23 salle polyvalente, cusset (fr) 2008-08-15 kantine, augsburg 2008-07-18 bloomsbury ballroom, london (uk) 2008-04-18 kantine, augsburg 2008-04-12 rock on festival, bergwerk, peiting 2008-04-05 kliffrock festival, kliffhalle, gerstetten 2007-07-28 bentaska noc open air festival, malá skála (cz) 2007-07-27 hradek nad nisou (cz) 2007-07-20 open air sommerfest, erfurt 2007-06-21 max 07, augsburg 2007-05-12 city of rock, stadtbergen 2007-05-06 kliffrock festival, heldenfingen 2007-04-28 hempels, augsburg 2007-03-24 rock on festival, bergwerk, peiting 2007-03-18 schlicker, gerstetten-heuchlingen 2007-01-28 bar le vichy, vichy (fr) 2007-01-27 town hall, cusset (fr) 2007-01-07 umsonst und drinnen, kantine, augsburg 2007-01-06 kantine, augsburg 2006-12-16 schlicker, gerstetten-heuchlingen 2006-11-20 geheimkonzert, augsburg 2006-11-04 live day, stereoton, neusäß 2006-10-07 youz, königsbrunn 2006-08-04 open air am see, friedberg 2006-07-22 open air, moritzplatz, augsburg 2006-06-24 architecture rocks, london biennale, london (uk) 2006-05-26 marktfest, stadtbergen 2006-04-21 support schrottgrenze, kantine foyer, augsburg 2006-03-26 u-turn, schwabmünchen 2006-03-11 annapam, augsburg 2006-01-20 stellwerk, donauwörth 2005-10-29 annapam, augsburg 2005-10-15 k.u.d., liberec (cz) 2005-07-29 rockcity festival, riedinger park, augsburg 2005-07-01 pop city festival, augsburg 2005-06-18 solifestival, neusäß 2005-04-22 james dean, augsburg 2005-03-05 prinzgarden, augsburg 2005-03-04 annapam, augsburg 2005-02-19 köhlerstadl, schongau 2005-01-13 uniparty, universität, augsburg 2004-12-04 kneipentour, augsburg 2004-11-04 kantine, augsburg 2004-10-30 annapam, augsburg 2004-07-05 provino live club, augsburg 2004-05-20 marktfest, stadtbergen 2004-04-24 köhlerstadl, schongau 2003-01-09 kantine, augsburg 2002-11-30 bayernkolleg, augsburg 2002-07-31 kantine, augsburg 2002-04-26 provino live club, augsburg 2002-01-18 köhlerstadl, schongau 2001-07-21 x-large, plärrergelände, augsburg 2001-06-09 juze, neusäß 2000-11-11 beteigeuze, ulm 1999-10-23 benefiz, friedberg 1999-06-19 sol stice festival, neusäß 1999-02-12 juze, neusäß 1998-10-23 gymnasium, neusäß 1998-08-08 open-air (zusammen mit the bates), prinzgarden, augsburg 1998-05-22 mayfair open-air, stadtbergen 1998-03-06 kerosin, augsburg 1998-01-17 juze, neusäß 1997-06-13 juze, geislingen 1997-05-10 open-air, stadtbergen 1997-04-18 gymnasium, neusäß 1997-03-09 kerosin, augsburg 1997-02-07 you-z, königsbrunn 1996-12-14 juze, neusäß 1996-11-22 parkschule, stadtbergen 1996-09-06 kerosin, augsburg 1996-06-15 jugendclub, friedberg 1996-05-15 siedlerhof, augsburg

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