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legs without brains
legs without brains - 2015
01.killing the drumssongmp3 lyrics step forwardsongmp3 lyrics
03.white roomsongmp3 lyrics
04.forget to sleepsongmp3 lyrics
05.your shoessongmp3 lyrics
06.isolationsongmp3 lyrics
07.dancing to the alarmsongmp3 lyrics
08.brand new brainsongmp3 lyrics
09.floods of droughtsongmp3 lyrics
10.1984songmp3 lyrics
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tinytension - 2010
01.invisible mansongmp3ogglyrics
02.transit planetsongmp3ogglyrics
03.hypnotic discosongmp3ogglyrics
04.clowns with crownssongmp3ogglyrics
05.english rainsongmp3ogglyrics
06.coward cowboysongmp3ogglyrics
07.eskimo kisssongmp3ogglyrics
08.deep little creeksongmp3ogglyrics
09.aka my dnasongmp3ogglyrics
10.autumn blisssongmp3ogglyrics
12.the way i cope
feat. jonas+jonas
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['plein] edition
['plein] edition - 2008
01.deep little creeksongmp3ogglyrics
02.invisible mansongmp3ogglyrics
03.hypnotic discosongmp3ogglyrics
04.coward cowboysongmp3ogglyrics
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el zoo
el zoo - 2004
01.the way i copesongmp3ogglyrics
03.rain and sunshinesongmp3ogglyrics
04.revenge of yesterdaysongmp3ogglyrics
05.erase and rewindsongmp3ogglyrics
06.rat racesongmp3ogglyrics
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löpönk - 2003
01.summer and ice-creamsongmp3ogg 
03.lady in my heartsongmp3ogg 
04.the sun is burning downsongmp3ogg 
06.slow motionsongmp3ogg 
09.sunset in paradisesongmp3ogg 
10.rain and sunshinesongmp3ogg 
11.ich weiß nicht, wie ich es am besten sagesongmp3ogg 
14.stand upsongmp3ogg agesongmp3ogg 
16.she is minesongmp3ogg lovingsongmp3ogg 
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smile to the music
smile to the music - 2002
01.slow motionsongmp3ogg 
05.hyperhedrosongmp3ogg agesongmp3ogg 
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...nun zu was völlig anderem!
...nun zu was völlig anderem! - 2000
01.blood on the saddle  ogg 
02.she is mine  ogg 
03.endless  ogg 
04.ich weiß nicht, wie ich's am besten sage  ogg 
05.she turned around  ogg 
06.kalte welt  ogg  ogg 
08.hyperhedro  ogg 
09.the sun is burning down  ogg 
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voll rasse und dezenter eleganz
voll rasse und dezenter eleganz - 1997
01.spaß  ogg  ogg 
03.bunte lichter  ogg 
04.the standard way of life  ogg 
05.hyperhedro  ogg 
06.herzinfarkt  ogg tears go by  ogg 
08.herzinfarkt (live)  ogg 
09.deine rose (live)  ogg 
10.basti pietz solo (live und spontan)  ogg 
11.devil in my head (live)  ogg 
12.ein tag (live)  ogg 
13.flucht (live)  ogg 
14.albern | outro  ogg 
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how to play ogg files

what the hell is ogg? ogg vorbis is the open source standard for replacing the mp3 format. according to the developers it results in better quality and comes without commercial licenses or patent issues compared to mp3. to listen to that format you need a modern audio player. the following list of applications plays ogg files without a problem:

windows → vlc, winamp
linux → amarok, xmms
mac os x → itunes: download the plugin from xiph, copy the xiphqt.component to ~/library/components/ and restart itunes.

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