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bad news:
we've been struggling with a deaf ear in our band for more than 6 weeks now. we had to cancel the show on nov.11th. and we're sorry to say that at the moment we can't do rehearsals or plan any shows or anything else. we all hope to get back to normal in 2024. keep your fingers crossed!
we wish you all a peaceful time - thanks for everything!

our concert summer is over. thanks to all you folks for being part of it. there will be two or three gigs in autumn and then we'll make a break for songwriting and studio time... we're all looking forward to a new album!

hurray! hörstreich open-air-weekend!
friday, 28.07. sommer am kiez, augsburg
saturday, 29.07. dinkel-festival, dinkelscherben
...come around everybody! we are looking forward to it!

on the road again ;-)

it's finally done: now you can view our website very well with your cell phone or tablet and you don't have to do stupid finger exercises anymore!

there's some new booking for summer festivals (see list above). looking forward to seeing you all!

what a great tour weekend! thanks to everyone in sindelfingen and ulm - and the boys from ohrton

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